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      New Employee

      1.1 Interview

      Yuanheng employs new staff via website and job fair recruitment. All interviewees would go into the probation period after firstly interview---theory examination---Operation test---secondly interview process.

      1.2 Probation period

      On basis of specific characteristic and professional experiences, Yuanheng makes different evaluating plans for the new employees during the probation period and a series of the examinations and related tests throughout entire process.

      1.3 Employment

      Sign employment contract after passing all examinations.

      If you passed all the examinations, Congratulations! You have been a member of Yuanheng oilfield equipment CO.LTD.

      2. Training

      2.1 Safety and Health

      Safety and health of staff is basic target in company rule. Yuanheng insists on lasting training of Safety and Health by arranging related lectures, supervise check-up, emergency exercise and inviting experts from outside to give us lectures sometimes. At the year end, YuanHeng will reward excellent members which are healthy and have harmonious family. All these measures are to establish the concept: “Safety and Health first!”

      2.2 Professional skill

      Yuanheng sets up reading room which storing abundant professional books and magazines, advocates skill communication between staff, supplies outside training, invites experts for lectures, which are expected to improve personal capability according to society development.

      2.3 Integral Consciousness and Philosophy

      Yuanheng advocates “Faithful, obedient, clement, kind-hearted”. This philosophy mixed Chinese traditional elements with western idea of freedom and equality.

      3 Exert full capability

      Yuanheng highly emphasizes on accept those who are full of capability as well as encouraging job innovation characteristically and continuously improvement. In beautiful and comfortable working circumstances, Yuanheng respect individual living and working habits.  Every member of Yuanheng could exert full creativity and imagination, which lead to the realization of dream.

      Contact : Ms. Peng

      Telephone: +86-917-2736010; +86-917-2736001

      Address: NO. 22 GaoXin 6 Road, Baoji Shaanxi,China.