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      Home >> Quality Assurance

      1.Quality control of the raw material:

      1)The selection of the raw material supplierour raw materials mainly include alloy structural steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metal alloy and high nickel alloy, etc, in the selection of the raw  material suppliers, we would do the comprehensive assessment of the supplier strictly according to technical requirements .Most of our suppliers are the leading enterprises of the steel production in China , such as the DAYE SPECIAL STEEL CO., LTD , XI NING SPECIAL STEEL CO.,LTD etc. While the special alloy are usually purchased from abroad to ensure a higher mechanical properties.

      2) The acceptance & Inspection of the raw material:

      Ultrasonic flaw detection for every piece of the steel.

      Chemical composition analysis, for every piece of the steel.

      Mechanical performance test for every piece of the steel.

      Only the above three items are qualified can the raw material be printed qualified logo and accepted as the qualified raw materials.

      2、Quality control of the seals:

      1) O Rings: 100% visual and dimensional inspection for every piece of the O-rings ,15% spot check for the size and hardness test of the o rings. As for the sealing and heat resistance properties of the o rings, we designed a special test device which is equipped with a heating insulation equipment that can simulate the downhole temperature and pressure. At present, our fluorine can keep a good performance  in the condition of 210 , and 105 Mpa work pressure (maximum pressure ever reached 146).

      2) Back-up ring: 100% visual and dimensional inspection for every piece of the back-up ring, As for the test of the sealing and heat resistance, we design and manufacture the special test device, equipped with heating insulation equipment to stimulate the downhole temperature and pressure for acceptance. At present, our company's high pressure back-up seal  can keep good sealing performance and deformed a little in the condition of 210 , and 105Mpa work pressure (maximum pressure ever reached 146). It can be used for many times.

      3. Quality control of the spring: Apart from the conventional test of the raw material and size of the different springs that used in the tools, we specially designed a test device that equipped with a heating preservation equipment to stimulate the downhole temperature and condition to test the spring performance.

      4. Quality control of the spare parts processing:

      1) Spare parts processing controlIn strict accordance with the process and traceability requirements, a test, mark and record of dimension, geometric tolerance and for every piece and every procedure will be conduct.

      2) Heat treatment quality control: We have two high temperature heat treatment furnaces that are mainly used for stainless steel and other special material heat treatment. For other materials, we entrust Baoji Petroleum Machinery Company Heat Treatment Plant to do the heat treatment.   For the inspection of the heat treatment, we are equipped with the special inspection machine such as gantry hardness tester, digital universal tensile tester etc.;