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      Home >> Customer Training

      We kindly offer the free operation training to clients who purchase Yuanheng product.
      The training content varies to the different need of the customers. Generally speaking, our customer training mainly includes followings:

      1 Contents and purpose:
      1)Learn and master the use, working environment, working principles, structure, disassembly, maintenance, requirements of test and operations of the tools fixed in contract(No. GW101),
      2)Basic requirement of designs of tool strings and of testing operation.
      3)Brief introduction on the development of DST.
      2 Intended effect:
      1)Each trainee could describe working principles and structure of tools and could disassembly, maintain and test independently
      2)Known well on the following points: check before use, cautions when using, operations on ground, process of deblocking and pulling up and ground working of disassembly and checking.
      3)Aquire general ideas on basic requirement of designs of tool strings and of testing operation
      4)Aquire general ideas on DST development.

      3 Training effect test
      After training, we will arrange theory and site operation test. The qualified trainees will acquire the qualification certificate issued by Baoji Yuanheng Oilfield Equipment Co.,Ltd.