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      Home >> R&D Capability

      Technological research and development:


      Our factory has strong technical resources and advanced technical facilities. Two research & development workrooms and a high-tech laboratory are set up in the Technical Department to research and develop the DST tools, downhole tools, drilling spare parts etc. We have 18 technicians, among which are 8 senior engineers and 10 junior engineers. They all have been in technical development more than 10 years and have stored much practice experience.


      We have many kinds of advanced machining equipments including a machining center and 10 large precision processing equipments such as deep hole drilling machine, numerical control machine, sewing grinding machine and so on.


      Besides, there are 8 full-time inspector and more than 10 kinds of advanced testing equipments including of metal spectral analysis, magnetic test machine, ultrasonic testing machine, radial testing machine and so on to ensure the qualified products.


      Baoji Yuanheng Oilfield Equipment Co., Ltd depends on the strong R&D team and self-contained inspecting equipments to guarantee products quality, and supply safe, reliable, high quality products to customers.